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The promotional opportunities of different partnerships bring you closer to the end goals of your marketing objectives

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Your marketing wishes are our command

Customer journey

Every phase of the customer journey requires different messages and ways of communication. Therefore, ADPU provides a wide range of expertise and tools dependent on your marketing objectives. We know that if we would only have a hammer we would always  approach your marketing challenges as a nail 🙂

Added Value

Your marketing objectives determines where you should invest your marketing budget and not what we have to offer. ADPU takes this as a starting point of every cooperation since this principle provides the basis for durable relationships. We rather provide solutions than advertising space.


Marketing Solutions can create more engagement and tap in to a field of interest that is close to the personal experience of your target audience. The combination of creatives and the right media channels can be the right step  to become more relevant to your target audience.


Advertising is needed to be commercially successful. Trying to sell your product without advertising is like blinking to someone in the dark. However, sometimes too much regular advertising is experienced as intrusive and annoying. Other solutions may help and can make that a campaign is perceived with more sympathy and acceptance by the target customer.

Trust and authority

To create awareness is much easier than to build authority and trust with your target audience. Businesses and people will only do business with parties they trust, with the right tone of voice and the right use of the media channel could be a good way to build trust and authority.

Push and pull

Old advertising is only making use of pushing messages. We believe that most effective campaigns make intelligent use of the mechanisms of push and pull. The holy grail of marketing is offering what your potential customers need. Any opportunity to create an interaction with your potential customers to get closer to the holy grail should be pulled inside.

We offer a great diversity of partnerships

The customer journey knows different stages that require different ways of communication. The partnerships that we offer provide many different tools to leverage your marketing objectives, either because of the specific features of the partnership or the specific target audience of the partnership, or the specific umfeld of the partnership theme.

We offer many partnerships opportunities, so many that we are confident that we cater the needs derived from your marketing objectives

GhanaWeb Excellence Awards

GhanaWeb continue in the innovation of ideas which keep our audience curious, excited and always want to stay. GhanaWeb Excellence Awards is an audience selection which would offer the portal’s readers and viewers the opportunity to decide who they believe has excelled in the past year. Introduced to highlight role models, GEA is geared to  inspire Ghanaian communities and make the country a better place to live in. 

Currently we have 17 categories included in our Excellence Awards.

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  1. GhanaWeb Humanitarian Award
  2. GhanaWeb Women Empowerment Award
  3. GhanaWeb  Media Development Award
  4. GhanaWeb Creative Arts Excellence Award
  5. GhanaWeb Peace & Diplomacy Award
  6. GhanaWeb Business Development Award
  7. GhanaWeb Youth Empowerment Award
  8. GhanaWeb Leadership Excellence Award
  9. GhanaWeb Tech & Innovation Award
  10. GhanaWeb Culture Promoter Award
  11. GhanaWeb Influential Man Award
  12. GhanaWeb Influential Woman Award
  13. GhanaWeb Advocate of Good Governance Award
  14. GhanaWeb Discovery Award
  15. GhanaWeb Star Award
  16. GhanaWeb Social Media Personality Award
  17. GhanaWeb Most Influential Blogger Award

GhanaWeb TV

Providing the most compelling content, on the most viewed platform, from the expertise of the most energetic, creative, fearless young and experienced team, is our mood. GhanaWeb TV brings the experience of a 24hour compelling Television viewing digitally. With our unmatched technology, GhanaWeb TV can be watched on-the-go (mobile, tablet devices), desktop and even on your traditional home TV set. All that is needed will be internet connectivity. With the ability of showing a timely report on viewership, clients will be able meet their target audience on our carouse of compelling varieties.

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GhanaWeb Reporter

With the GhanaWeb reporter, we enable anyone with an opinion, some special interest, or expertise to publish on the GhanaWeb platform. Certain topics of interest and the content related thereto can be coupled to a brand and create some entries to cooperate. Essentially not different from the way in which influencers operate in the field of infotainment content.

Adpu can facilitate such cooperation.

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GhanaWeb Club

GhanaWeb has built a community of almost 500,000 registered members which basis it shall further extend to a vivid growing loyalty community (GhanaWeb Club) by offering it miscellaneous benefits categorized in different baskets.

Do you want your products and services to be included in the offers of the basket “Deals and discounts”, please get in touch with us.

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GhanaWeb Memorial

GhanaWeb Memorial ensures that everyone will be remembered forever with an eternal obituary. If you have products or services in the field of the funeral business, we may be able to provide  attractive opportunities to promote your company and its products and services to a relevant community and at a relevant moment.

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GhanaWeb Business Pages will provide a service with which a small business can create their own company page on with your own URL.

If you would like to target this group of companies we see valuable opportunities for a partnership.

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GhanaWeb Car

GhanaWeb will start a specific section for visitors that are interested in cars. Everything they like to know about the buying or maintenance of cars we will publish on the Car section.

This Car section creates an interesting umfeld for any product or service in the field of cars.

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GhanaWeb Tech

GhanaWeb will start a specific section for visitors that are interested in Technical developments  and electronics. Everything they like to know about new trends in Tech or new products launched we will publish on the Car section.

This Tech section creates an interesting umfeld for any product or service in the field of Tech.

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We are ready to create value, together with you

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We work with GhanaWeb frequently since they adhere to the highest quality standards as to online advertising, IAB formats and deliver good ROI on the advertising spend we attribute to them on behalf of our clients.

Kiran DaswaniCEO, The Greens

I have used Ghana Web within my digital marketing strategy for a few years and it has served our brand well. Our ads are able to reach the desired target audience, we generate good leads and through story publications, more and more people are aware of Webster Ghana as a quality American university that offers a memorable global experience to undergraduate and graduate students.

Awoyaa MensahDirector of Marketing & Corporate Partnerships, Webster University Ghana Campus

Our institution has worked with GhanaWeb for a little over a year now and it has been a very rewarding and beneficial experience thus far. In particular, the University has benefitted from the acquisition of an easily accessible, nationwide platform through which our academic programmes can be advertised. The invaluable opportunity to widen our potential consumer base is also well complemented by excellent relationship management and very reliable, prompt and efficient service in general. We would certainly recommend the GhanaWeb platform for any institution or business who wishes to market their products and service through a mass media channel, and as an institution we look forward to further extending our partnership with the company long into the foreseeable future

Kwaku Damey AsamoahGhana Communication Technology University

We work with GhanaWeb frequently since they adhere to the highest quality standards as to online advertising, IAB formats and deliver good ROI on the advertising spend we attribute to them on behalf of our clients.

Media Director, Dentsu Aegis Ghana

Ghanaweb is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy and we are impressed by the level of traffic generated to our website. We reach the right audience from the countries we target through our advertisement strategy on Ghanaweb.

Ruweida salifuMarketing Manager, Magnolia Realty