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2022 is a promising year!

We have already kicked off 2022 with lots of promising new services and developments. But we also would like to take the time to look back at 2021. For our trusted contacts, we have special new year offers!


We cannot re-emphasize the effect of COVID -19 on all businesses. We know you felt it too. However, there is only one way to look at, to the future! We created more services for a better marketing performance. Venturing heavily into a CSR project with Road Safety was a fantastic project. The launch of GhanaWeb TV added to the group of compelling products worth the recognition. Chalking the success of having our own Awards Scheme took us to the apogee of the execution of our strategies. It made us brand relevant and a significant player in providing Marketing Solutions.

ADPU's highlights of 2021

Take a look back with us into 2021

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Expected in 2022

A small excerpt of great new initiatives and new products to be expected in 2022.

My Hairdo mega exhibition

The mega exhibition is actually what will fall out in the decentralized micro MyHairDo stands/exhibitions. It will be an opportunity for Ghana and the rest of African to converge at a particular venue to experience everything about black hair. This is an unprecedented event to be held in Ghana and hosted by GhanaWeb. It promises to bring over 20,000 people physically together offline daily and 2 million more joining the fun and creativity online through the App and on   

GhanaWeb Memorial

 GhanaWeb Memorial gives you an opportunity to create memorial pages with pictures and tributes for your loved ones who have passed for an everlasting memory and remembrance of anniversaries etc.
Keep the memories of your loved ones on GhanaWeb’s memorial page. We immortalize the dead on the web and you can manage the page yourself.

GhanaWeb Top Up Services

Top-up Online for you and your loved ones anytime and anywhere. Reload your mobile airtime and Data bundles online with 10% discount on All Networks. GhanaWeb Top Up Services –   Borderless, Reliable, Instant & Secured

GhanaWeb Club

Become a GhanaWeb Club member or partner now! Enjoy great deals and discounts as a member of the Club. For partners, No need to build your own community…. Get on board with GhanaWeb Club and be included with your products and services in our communication to the biggest loyalty community of Ghana.

Women Expo - Media Partnership

Media partnership with Women Expo Ghana in the development of a perfect platform for women entrepreneurs to meet, network, showcase their products & services as well as create some visibility for themselves. It will also serve as a common platform for businesses that market products and services targeted at women to meet with and interact with these women.

GMA – Ghana Beverage Awards Partnership

Media collaboration with Global Media Alliance to promote both local and foreign beverages and also engage small-scale beverage enterprises in Ghana, Under the theme “Inspiring Excellence in Ghana’s Beverage Industry”. 


My Hairdo was created for snazzy afro-textured women all over the world to discover inspiration for their next hairdo! For modish young women who need to stay on top of hair trends. For queens who don’t want to ‘search’ for hairdo inspiration, for beauty enthusiasts who can never get enough!

MyHairDo Micro Stands

Extensively, MyHairDo will engage in community offline/online experiential activities, by setting up miniature salons during festivals, fairs and major entertainment events lasting more than one day. The concept of these experientials are being developed with a B2B (Clients partnership/sponsorship) and B2C advantages.

GhanaWeb Excellence Awards

This is the first-ever audience-powered award scheme organized by an online media platform in Ghana to celebrate role models and future leaders who would inspire Ghanaian communities and make the country a better place to live in. The GhanaWeb Excellence Awards has 17 categories covering all facets of the Ghanaian society. 


into some of our 2022 products

MY Hair Do

My Hairdo was created for snazzy afro-textured women all over the world to discover inspiration for their next hairdo! For modish young women who need to stay on top of hair trends. For queens who don’t want to ‘search’ for hairdo inspiration, for beauty enthusiasts who can never get enough!

GhanaWeb TV

GhanaWeb TV garners nearly 5 million views in first month of launch. Ghana’s first advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) and free streaming television on Ghana’s most popular website distributing video content such as news and programmes to millions of people over the internet, has recorded 4.6 million views in the first month of its launch in November,2021.


Mailtext is a smart SMS messaging platform serving African SME’s, Startups and large organisations across the continent. Our platform provides real-time reporting and analytics on messages sent: including delivery rates, open rates and how many times a message has been engaged with. Our CRM function also allows you to collate your contacts into groups for repetitive group campaigns.

Time with My Business (On GhanaWeb TV)

In product sales, you do not EXPECT what you do not INSPECT. Advertising is an inspection of your brand expectationTime with your business is a TV show designed to give Business Owners the platform to promote their brands/products themselves. It is an avenue to hear from the “horses own mouth” regarding their success stories and the next steps to their business growth

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GhanaWeb TV

GhanaWeb TV provides the opportunity to broadcast your TV advertisements to the vast online audience of GhanaWeb. Reach over 21.9 million views on GhanaWeb and over 500,000 views on GhanaWeb’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Interactive Watching Experience, More Cost Effective Then TV, Direct Call 2 Action, Transparent Results etc

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GhanaWeb Reporter

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